Hi everybody!
We are Saibot Studios, an Argentinean independent startup seeking to create the games that we like, and to show our work to the gamer community in the world.
Doorways is our first independent project and it’s a "Survival Horror" genre game which contains elements of action as well as riddles and intelligence puzzles. The game is wrapped in a story told through the gameplay, with aspects that range from the visual and auditive to the literary.
After several months of development we are finally unveiling some material of the project.
Our main objective in the game is to achieve an atmosphere that is unique, compelling and terrifying.
Throughout this period we became influenced by different types of games.
One of our biggest influences was the incredible artwork achieved by Frictional Games with the game Amnesia.
We have many more sources of inspiration that we’ll tell you about in future posts.
Thanks for your support and come back to the site to stay updated.
Greetings from the team at Saibot Studios :)